Thursday, February 24, 2011

A winter wonderland this morning


I woke up to snow on the ground here this morning. I got up at 5:00 and tried to take a picture then but it was too dark and snowing too hard to see much.

The pictures I will attach later show the snow here.

A late snow here, in late February. A sign of climate change in the world no matter what you might believe. To call it global warming is wrong; it is a climate change event.

I started reading a story I read some years ago in The Oregonian. It was the story that brought The Oregonian its first Pulitzer Prize, The French Fry Connection. I have it on my Kindle. I was reading in Safeway while drinking some coffee there. So I bought for the first time some frozen french fries and had them for lunch. I baked them in the oven but the next time I may try to fry some in oil.

The story took place in the early 1990's as the financial crisis hit southeast Asia. The five part newspaper piece takes the trail of french fries from eastern Oregon across the Pacific and back and back there again.

Do you watch NOVA SCIENCE NOW on PBS? Last week was on social robots. One looked like Phillip Dick, the science fiction writer who was mentally ill for most of his life. But he was a good companion, sort of like Watson on TV last week.

Instead of reading books from the library I am reading stories on my Kindle. A long story on Phillip Dick and his mental problems while he wrote the stories that made him famous. The second article was on the french fry as a good lesson in global economics.

As I told you before I would rather magazine and newspaper articles on my Kindle rather than on my computer screen.

I got my new software update on my Kindle this morning. It is suppose to give me page numbers that correspond to the DTB (dead tree book) pages. But only for certain books, none of which I apparently have on my Kindle. I really don't care whether page numbers are there. My main concern for Kindle is that it cannot accept library books from our local library. Other e-readers can do this but the Kindle cannot do this, due to the DTM (digital text management) restriction on the Kindle.

It is warming up here this afternoon, so the snow is melting but we expect more snow tonight again.


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