Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday eve now...


I am listening to All Things Considered now.

I finished watching BookTV for today. I found a good book talked of on that program, Deadly Choices, a book about the people who don't believe in vaccines. I found out I need to get a vaccine against shingles. The doctor author recommended this for everyone over 60 now. I got the chicken pox, mumps and measles as a young child. The kids now have vaccines against all three of those childhood diseases. I ordered this book from our library here.

When my son Aaron was born both Annette and I had whooping cough but asystematic. We had the infection control nurse check our blood tests as my wife was ready to give birth. We had to wear face-masks and gowns for the delivery.

Tomorrow I going to Salem with Nolan who is getting his hearing tested. I will take my Kindle with me to read while he is busy.

I am enjoying reading Rock Paper Tiger. Now the hero is heading to Xi'an. That is where I was for seven months.

My next book is The Weird Sisters, a novel where the father speaks in Shakespeare. The three daughters are named after characters in Shakespeare plays. (as a side note, the rule we heard in school was "i before e except after c." So what about "weird" and "their"?????)

It rained hard here last night with wind blowing hard.


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