Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday today...


How are you today? It is getting warmer out but I don't know if it will snow.

I have been reading on my Kindle today. One article was on China and how the commies are worried about what is happening in the Arab world and what they can do to avoid it in China. The second article is why no one from Wall Street is in jail yet. At least two dozen of them need to spend some time in jail. That would do more than any other thing to reform those jerks.

I am germinating some peas to make sure they grow when planted. All are showing growth so I will plant them later this week. I get my peas from the ones I grew last year. I save about six of them, watch them dry and they place about six peas in a paper towel that is constantly wet so see if they germinate.

Tomorrow night my client is coming here to answers the many questions I have on his tax exempt status and the grant I am working on for them.

March is coming...birthdays are coming too.


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