Friday, February 25, 2011

So cold and snow still here


It has been very cold here today, so the snow has been subliming. Going from a solid to air without turning into water.

I slipped and fell outside today when I stepped on a tile hidden under the snow. I slipped and fell quite a bit in Xi'an China when the snow was there for four months. They do nothing to their sidewalks there, as many do here, cleaning them.

I walked to Safeway yesterday for a little shopping and a Starbucks coffee. Most of the sidewalks on the walk there were already cleaned off. We had about four inches of snow yesterday and another 2 hours last night.

Quite surprised to see so much snow so late in February.

I worked on bylaws for a not-for-profit corporation today. I found one online and modified it to fit my needs. My client has not been to see me today. We must go over his tax exempt status paperwork I have done, review the grant application I want to start and finish the following week, and his new bylaws he must approve and sign.

His corporation is The Long Trail Home, a service to warriors coming back from our two wars. They go through four Native American ceremonies to refresh them and get them back on track to living with their families in a civilian life.

I am reading The French Fry Connection on my Kindle 3. It is the 1999 series of articles from The Oregonian that won its first Pulitzer Prize. I recall reading in 1999 when it first came out. Surprised now to see the failing economies of the Far East causing these french fries to make a convoluted trip around the far eastern countries.

I am going to read on my Kindle for the next few days to get through the articles I put on it the last two weeks.

The weekend approaches. What are your plans?


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