Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday now...


My cousin in Argentina had a birthday yesterday. Her name is Mecha Schwindt. Even though she is married she keeps her maiden name, as do all of the rest of my female cousins in Argentina.

Two more birthdays this week of friends in Oregon.

Good to get notice of coming birthdays on Facebook.

I may be talking with the Library Foundation of the Stayton Oregon in the near future on the Kindle. They may advertise the talk so the public can come to the talk. We shall see if this comes to fruition.

A friend got her husband a Kindle 3 for Christmas but he does not like to use it. He prefers the feel of the book. I told her I get lost in what I am reading, whether it be a book or my Kindle. I may have to visit with him to see the advantages of the Kindle. I may change the registration on his Kindle to my registration. In that way I can transfer books from my archives that he may be interested in reading.

Like I told you earlier I don't like to read even short articles on my computer. So I copy them to Word, and send it to my Kindle account by email. It comes back to my Kindle by WiFi. It is so much easier to read on my Kindle.

I am watching the X-Files on BBC America as I write this. I guess I did not see some of the shows. I recall saying the show is either the monster-of-week or conspiracy theory. This one is conspiracy theory one.

My client arrives back from northern California this week. I will get together with him so I can write the grant he needs.

Have a good day... and a good week.


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