Friday, February 18, 2011

the weekend nears...

Hello again:
This picture is a typical market in China. The bananas you see in the foreground are great. I bought a very big bunch from a market in Xi'an for about $1.00. The bananas there were a long bunch, and I asked for half of that. I put a banana in my oatmeal every morning. I stored the bananas in the refrigerator. They got black but were fine that way. I had read a book on my Kindle about bananas. They are all a clone of each other.
I am back to reading The Weird Sisters, the book where the father talks in Shakespeare language to his three daughters: Bianca, Cordelia, and Rosalind. I will spend this weekend reading this book.
I found two estate sales, but I am not interested in going out to sales this weekend. I await the spring when there are many sales taking place.
We shall see how this works, with one picture per post. My guess it will not work as the picture is large.
Have a good weekend.

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