Saturday, February 12, 2011

The weekend is here now....


I am now reading a good mystery set in China. The book is Rock Paper Tiger. The author is not Chinese but spent many years in China. Most of action is taking place in Beijing. I never visited Beijing so I do not recognize the places in this book. It is a good book.

I went on a long bike ride yesterday in doing my errands. I ended up at the library where I saw my dad. I had reserved two books on the Volga Germans in the northwest. My grandparents came from the Volga region of western Russia. I gave these two books for my dad to read.

I am listening to the Kindle Chronicles as a podcast. The interview today is with the owner of the Tattered Cover in Denver. Not a good interview as I have no interest in this or any other bookstore. It is a boring interview. Usually his interviews are better than this one.

Coffee prices sure are rising now. At Costco, the 2.5 lb bag of coffee beans used to be $8.99; earlier this week I was there and saw the price for the same coffee at $11.99. That is over $4.88 a pound, still much less than Starbucks.

I am going to drink tea at least two days a week, mainly to get the caffeine out of me.

Have a good weekend.


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