Sunday, March 28, 2010

A week before Easter


Another "oh no" picture from Bill in Eugene.

Easter is a week away. I do not believe in Easter, even though the Catholic Church thinks this is the biggest celebration of the year. We don't know how long Christ was on the cross. Probably three to four days, suffocating at last. We don't know what happened to his body. It certainly did not resurrect. No one was around to see what happened. The bible stories are all stories with nothing true in them. Like the Christmas myth this is also a myth. No one was around to see and no one knows what happened. The story as about as much truth as the easter bunny.

I finished Angelology last night. I predict this is the first book of a series of books. The ending was unexpected with many questions remaining unanswered. So I predict another book next year the second in a series.

I am now reading The Big Burn, about a fire in Montana and Idaho in 1910 that was so big it saved the Forest Service and created Smokey the Bear, one of the biggest mistakes the Forest Service made. "The" created a way of life in the forest to put out every fire that arose. Now the Forest Service will let a fire burn if if it does now affect people. Remember the Yellowstone Fire in the late 1980's where they let it burn until the fire threaten the lodge at Yellowstone.

We had a fire in southwest Oregon a few years ago. It was the rains of September and October that put the fire out. That is the way to treat forest fires.

So two rants today: one on the falsity of easter; the other on Smokey the Bear, called by me "the."


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