Monday, March 22, 2010

Fairly good weather today...


So many cats in one house. But at least they know where to go and where to sleep.

The weather is good today again, and will get better tomorrow and Wednesday.

I hope no one was offended by my posting yesterday. But I am very liberal and you needed to know that and what it means to me.

I went to Costco today and spent over $88.00 for our food.

I also found a farm that sold filberts so I bought 10 pounds of uncracked filberts. I will crack them to make chocolate-covered filberts. (In Oregon we call these nuts filberts; everywhere else they are called hazelnuts. I prefer filberts...)

I have two books waiting for me at the library. One is The Big Burn and the other is Angelogy. I will wait until I finish Liar's Poker before going to the library, probably later today.

I have been watching the Kindle page for Angelogy. It has been priced at $14.41 for such a long time. I was waiting until it got down to the standard price of $9.99. I checked the Amazon page last night and found this book at $9.99. But since I have it waiting for me at the library now, I will forgo buying it for my Kindle.

I have 65 pages on my Kindle table of contents. That is 12 items per page. Too many book and too many magazine articles. Today The New Yorker comes out online again today. So I will add two or three more articles from it to my Kindle.

I saw the author of The Big Burn last night on C-Span 2, Book TV on most weekends. It is about a big blow-out fire in western Montana and Idaho in 1910. The Forest Service was a target of Congress before the fire and it was losing its funding for National Parks. But this big fire changed the thinking of Congress and most people who were living then. Roosevelt got it funded fully after the fire. It will be an interesting book to read once I have finished Angelogy.

Have a good week.


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