Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big change of weather today...


This is another picture of the truck nearly off the highway.

The weather changed so much today. Yesterday it was warm and sunny in the high 60's. Today, it rained and rained. I went to Safeway around 2:00 today after the rain had stopped, but by the time I came out of the store it was raining hard again. So I got very wet on my bike ride home.

I have C-Span on my TV but on mute. I am listening to Car Talk podcast instead. I will watch it to see the House pass the Health Care bill. The Republicans will pay for their opposition in the next election. They oppose this bill not for any good reason except to oppose the President.

Once the House passes the first bill today, it goes to the President to sign it. The House is passing the Senate bill in full force. The second bill is the 10 page changes the House wants to change in the first bill. Once this passes the House it goes to the Senate for compliance. There is needs only 51 votes and cannot be filibustered.

I don't watch right wing TV so I can only guess the anger of the nuts there. If you have insurance from your employer nothing changes. The bill also prevents insurance companies (the real bad guys in our system) from rescinding a policy, prevent an insurance company from denying coverage for previous conditions. It also helps out 30 million uninsured Americans get health insurance. We still have a health system with for profit insurance companies, which is a mistake of the biggest order. We need a single-payer system here.

By the way I am a Roman Catholic, with 12 years of Catholic education. But like most Catholics I believe the only person involved in an abortion decision is the woman. Whatever she decides is fine with me. We have no right to tell her when she can get, or if she even have, an abortion. If she does not have the money to pay for it, then her insurance company should pay for it. I don't care if the government must pay for it. We have no interest in her decision.

So I strongly disagree with the Catholic bishops on this topic and most other topics. I remain a Catholic but I don't believe we know much of the life of Christ. The new testaments are poor sources of the truth. We do not know of his birth; what is written in Luke and Matthew (that is, whomever wrote those two book, certainly not guys named Luke or Matthew) are Christmas myths.

I am strongly liberal. I rather doubt the Catholic Church has a big enough tent to include me.

My friend Nolan tells me once I have to pay a lot of taxes in the upcoming years I will change my tune. I WILL NOT CHANGE. If I must pay a lot of taxes then I pay them gladly...

This post tells you how liberal I am...


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