Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warm today and so very nice...

Hi again:

It is so warm out today. I put all of my clothes outside today to dry out there instead of in the dryer. My clothes feel so nice when hung outside.

I think the Democrats will win big in November, as more and more information comes out telling us about the good benefits of the health care law. Again, I dare you to tell anything wrong with this health care law. My bet is that you cannot come with a good cogent argument.

The picture is from last Labor Day, actually the day after. You see a very low tide with people seeking clams.

I have my shellfish license and fishing license for this year.

We have a very low tide in the middle of June so we will head over there to dig for clams.

It will rain tomorrow, I suspect.

I am heading out to plant my peas now. I have some dried peas left over from last year. I wonder if they will grow once I plant them. I may try to see if they germinate. I will put a few between a couple of damp paper towels to see if they start to germinate that way.


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