Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuseday morning, not afternoon yet...


The big and the small in this picture.

I finished two pages off my Kindle last night, taking it from 65 pages to 63 pages. All were magazine articles. I deleted each after reading each of them.

Why do the right-wing nuts still oppose the Health Care bill? What do they oppose? Government takeover of health care? What a stupid idea... Government looking over your shoulder when you make health care decisions? Yet another stupid idea...

As you hear more about what is in this health care legislation more and more of them will support it. The R's ideas are all wrong, all so very stupid. If you disagree me, then tell me what is wrong with this health care law. I bet you cannot name one thing wrong with this new law. The dump R's opposed it only because Obama promoted it.

David Frum, a right wing columnist yesterday said it was the Waterloo for... the stupidest Rs. His ending sentence was so very good. The republicans went for all of the marbles in opposing this wonderful health care law, and ended up with none.

So again, tell me what you see wrong with this law. I bet you can find nothing wrong with it.

I heard on NPR this morning that some states will try to opt out of the health care law. Yet another stupid idea.

Turn on C-Span 2 right now to see our president talk about what is all so good in this new law.

I predict once most people learn about what is in the new law, they will support it and the R's will suffer at the polls in the next general election.

Want to see how it affects you? Go to whitehouse.gov to see how it applies to you. I like what I see there. You will too.

Off to the library soon.


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