Saturday, March 6, 2010

Warm, weekend Saturday


The picture here I took from the covered bridge in Pioneer Park in Stayton. It shows the creek where once I took swimming lessons.

It is a very nice day outside. Earlier in the day I visited my dad on his 88th birthday. I downloaded 10 new books to his Kindle, plus I gave him an apple crisp and a cranberry pie.

I later visited Safeway here and asked the clerk there about fresh cranberries. Not until after Halloween he told me. I am going to investigate freezing fresh cranberries once they come back in season.

I finished Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory by Peter Hessler. It is such a good book, telling me stories about parts of China I did not know about.

I am now ready for a novel after reading two non-fiction books in a row (the one mentioned plus Nothing to Envy, another excellent book). Wolf Hall is the next book I am going to read.

I rode my bike around Stayton, taking a flannel shirt with me (that I did not need at all). I went to Santiam Marketplace at the Stayton Middle School. The booths seemed less than last year.

I will have some pictures for you of Santiam Marketplace.


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