Friday, March 5, 2010

Tis Friday here

Hi again:
The small picture here is the Globe Theatre in England. You saw it in its "original" from in Shakespeare in Love. Back in those days everyone in the audience stood as the seats where in the balcony.
I have not been back to Ashland since returning from China. This summer I do plan to go there to see a few plays there.
Tomorrow is my father's 88th birthday. I made for him a cranberry pie and an apple crisp. I did find some cranberries I had in my frig here from the last time I made cranberry pie.
Like I told you yesterday no grocery store in Stayton, all four of them, had no cranberries. In Salem, Winco also had none. I do wonder if I can freeze cranberries once I find a good supply of them, probably in October?
My appetite is returning slowly. I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Then around 1:00 today reheated a hamburger from two nights ago. I ate half of it, then I ate the other half about 2 hours later. I was going to make some brownies for me today, but I have desire to eat any right now.
Weekend is coming; how you have a good one.

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