Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raining hard today...

Hi again:

The picture here shows the classroom building to the left and the library/chapel to the right of Regis High School, the school I graduated from so many years ago.

It is raining hard here today. I needed to go the store so I walked to the store. Good exercise for the day.

I am falling behind in my reading of the biography of Pulitzer. I read only about 60 pages last night so today I must read 140 pages to keep with my schedule.

I felt a cold coming on last night, so I took a cold pill that is suppose to be non-drowsy, but knocks me out.

I found a grant yesterday and I first need to read the 42 pages of instructions. I will do that later today. The grant is due May 6 but I will have it ready in two to three weeks.


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