Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling better today

Good morning:

The picture here shows my grandfather and grandmother, on the left with her parents and one of her sisters sitting next to them. The picture also shows three out of the four aunts and uncles born in Argentina, where this picture was taken. We figure this picture was taken in 1906, based on the ages of the children we see there. In 1907 my grandparents moved the Jordan area, about 15 miles to the east of Stayton.

As you look at this picture my grandfather looks like his son, Mike. My uncle Mike died a few years ago but looked exactly like his father.

I am feeling better today after my 15 hours of sleeping yesterday. I still may have a slight fever as I cannot stand up to do many things without getting hot and wanting to sit down.

The earthquake in Chile caused a loss of 1/1,000,000 of a second in our day. Which means in a million years we will lose 1 second. But in geologic time it is a big change.

I do wonder when we will get a big earthquake off the Oregon coast. Our last big one was on January 26, 1700. How do we know the exact date? There was an orphan tsunami in Japan that day with no earthquake felt there. By today's standards the thinking is that this earthquake was 10.5 or so on Richter Scale.

At very low tides on the Oregon beach, south of Seaside, you see an entire forest of stumps revealed in the sea.

In the past these earthquakes happened every 300 to 350 years. We are now past 310 years since that last big one. With the other big earthquakes in Chile and other places in the Ring of Fire, I think we may see an earthquake in our lifetimes off the Oregon coast.

With that, I hope you are enjoying your Hump Day.


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