Monday, March 29, 2010

Raining all day today...hard

Hi again:

This picture looks like an island of the dead.

It has rained here all day today, mostly hard rain.

Is anyone getting an Apple iPad? Not me as I don't need one. I have a new laptop and my Kindle.

I opened a can of prunes today. I did not use much sugar last summer when I canned my prunes. So they taste so very well.

I cooked dumplings tonight for myself. The only type we have here are what I call fried dumplings. I wish I could get the dumplings I ate in China.

As I told you earlier I don't watch football or basketball on TV. I do, however, watch baseball. Spring training is starting and a few pre-season games are on TV here. I can read my book or my Kindle when I watch baseball on TV.

I am watching The Reader here tonight. It is a good movie. It is almost over.

Not much else happening here. I have now seven books waiting for me at the library, including two on the terra cotta warriors in Xi'an China.


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