Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend is here...

This picture shows the apartments in Kunming and in all major cities in China.

There are very few single family homes in China. Most people own and live in apartments like these.  They are what we would call condos here but called apartments in China.

The apartment I lived in was on the fifth floor with no elevator.  So I walked up five stories and down five stories every time left the apartment.

We had seven floors in our apartment building, the top limit with no elevator. 

Power in Kunming goes off occasionally.  One apartment building near me had both an elevator and a generator so when the power went out all around us, this apartment had power and the elevator worked.  This building had 12 floors, so it had an elevator.

Raining here today.  I plan to spend this weekend reading Micro.  I read for about 2 hours last night. 

Game Change is on HBO this weekend.  I read the book three years ago.  The movie concentrates on the convention that chose the crazy Palin. 

I watched a program on C-Span 2 that had the authors, the producers of the show and one of McCain's aids on it. 

No garage sales around here as it is still winter here. 

Daylight Time starts this weekend.  Remember to Spring Forward later tonight or tomorrow morning.

If I get tired reading today I plan to watch the first season of Dowton Abbey on my Kindle Fire.

After Micro I will read The Orphan Master's Son, a novel of North Korea.

Nice to have weekends here where we don't work.  In China, with no weekends like we have in the U.S. 

Have a great weekend.


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