Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, Monday, so good to me...

This picture is a big garden in Kunming China.

I saw two Oregon Meadowlarks in our back yard the past few days.  I had to be sure, so I looked in Birds of Oregon and sure enough, they are the Oregon State Bird.  Each of them were poking around the leaves in the back yard to find bugs there.  I tried to take a picture of one them, but all you see in the picture is his back which blends into the leaves and grass.  Not a good picture at all.

How was your weekend?  My weekend I stayed home to read and catch up on TV shows here.

I am getting through Raylan, the book by Elmore Leonard on the character in Justified, the TV show.

I sure hope the snow is now gone until next winter.  Three days after Spring began we had over 6 inches of snow on the ground in the morning.  Way too late for snow to show up here,.  This is all due to global warming and not global cooling as the right wingers say.

As you know I am a flaming liberal.  The only R I ever voted for was Mark Hatfield.  I have not voted for another R since that time.  There is no such thing as a moderate republican anymore. 

I still go to Mass every Sunday since returning here.  I don't believe what the readers and the priest say about the gospels, as to me they are just good stories without an ounce of truth in them.

The last week in March now, with schools here on Spring Break now. 

Have a great week upcoming.


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