Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday now...

I made fudge yesterday, but it did not get hard.  The recipe on the marshmellow creame jar said heat it to 324 degreed F.  My candy thermometer said heat it to 240 degrees.  I heated to 260 degrees.  That was not hot enough, apparently. 

The recipe said it boil it for 4 minutes or until it got to 324 degrees. I boiled it for over seven minutes but it did not get hot enough.

This means I will have to make it again, this time to get the temperature to 324 degrees. 

Today I will go to the Shaw breakfast.

I am reading The House of Silk, but rather slowly.  I have to read Mircro by the late Michael Crichton.

I ordered a 1962 Missal for the Catholic Mass, for the old Latin Mass.  I got it from eBay.  It will be fun taking to Mass next Sunday.  With Prime membership it comes in two days.  So next Tuesday I get it.

I ordered two conserative Catholic books for my Dad for his birthday. He turns 90 on Tuesday.  That is what he gets from me for Christmas, his birthday and Father's Day.

Next week we go back on Daylight time. 

In China, as big as the United States, there is by one time zone for the entire country.  Kunming is the middle of the country.  In the winter there, it got dark by 4:00 pm every day.

The picture here is from the lake in Kunming.  People live on these boats.  I do believe they make their living from the lake. 

Not much else happening today. I went to Mass last night,. 


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