Monday, March 12, 2012

Cold day to start the week...

This picture shows a store near my apartment.  The balloons are for the Chinese New Year. 

I walked along this street taking pictures of stores. Many stores closed during the 10 days of the Chinese New Year.

I am almost through Micro, the last book by the late Michael Crichton.

I watched the movie Fast Food Nation, a fictionalized account of a story in this non-fiction book.  I did not care for the movie, so I got the book again from our local regional library.  I will read it again.

I downloaded a new library book to my Kindle Fire today. I have not looked at my Fire for about a week, the battery was drained completely,.

I am going to Mass every Sunday (sometimes on Saturday evening).  I have not changed my thinking on what is written.  I told you already I don't believe in the virgin Mary at all.  The four gospels are good fiction with not an ounce of truth in any part of it.

Nolan and me will meet with the local Catholic priest here in about two months. to show him the three poems the late Raymond Geraths wrote during the 1970's and 1980's.  These are the three poems we put on the Kindle page.  Creation, an Epic Poem; Redemption, an Epic Poem, and Sanctification, an Epic Poem.  Here is a sample  from one of the poems:

To divide creation into stages
We find that there are three.
It carries down through all the ages:
The thought, the dream, the realty.

After Hell’s fire,
After Heaven’s void.
After God’s desire,
Not to be annoyed.

By, on empty space,
Where joy and laughter reigned.
To solve the case,
A summit veiling they deigned.

Love and wisdom spoke,
From the height of knowledge.
No room for a joke,
In this eternal college.

If you have a Kindle you can download each of these poems to your Kindle.  The first two poems are listed at 99 cents.  Sanctification is listed at $2.99 as it is very long poem.

What I show you here is the first part of Creation, an Epic Poem


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