Thursday, March 15, 2012

H today

This picture shows some Chinese men playing mah jong on table in the street, near my apartment in Kunming.

 I want to learn to play mah jong.  I have instructions already but I could not find the game in China.  I will see if I can get the game here.

There is mah jong game at the Kindle store.  I may get it for my Kindle Fire.

I ordered a pair of running shoes from Amazon a few days ago.  I normally wear size 12 but these New Balance shoes are a little tight.

I know if I get a pair of Nike shoes, I need to get size 13. 

It looks like I should have ordered size 12 and 1/2 instead of size 12.

I am reading The Orphan Master's Son, a novel of North Korea.

I ordered too many books from our local library.  I usually don't order so many books, but this time I got five more books yesterday at my library.

Today I will call Bend about getting a dog there.  He has Irish Setter dogs, the kind of dog I want to get.

The weekend approaches.  So much rain....


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