Thursday, March 22, 2012

A True Winter Wonderland today

We awoke this morning to more than six inches of snow on the ground and the roads.  Most of it sublimed today so the snow is still around but not in such quantities.

This picture is a lake near my apartment in Kunming China. It has quite a few gold fish in it. 

I did finish The Orphan Master's Son.  It is a wonderful novel, and I really enjoyed reading it.

I am now reading Raylan, a novel by Elmore Leonard. It has the character from Justified as the main story.  Raylan is a U.S. Marshall who gets into as much trouble in this book as he gets on the TV show.

I hope to finish this book in a day or two as it is not a long book.

I made myself some freshly made O.J. this afternoon.  I cut in half four oranges to make the freshly squeezed.

We shall see what happens tomorrow morning.  I sure hope there is no more snow.

Spring was three days ago, and we are still getting snow. 

Do you recall we had snow in April in the 1960's?  I sure don't remember it.


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