Tuesday, March 27, 2012

U today...

This picture was on the way to the lake we visited.  This is where they make the lions and tigers that appear outside of banks in China.

I took this picture from a moving car. 

It is near dinner time as I write this one.

I may go to Confession tomorrow. I have not been to Confession for many years. 

Today is the first day in long time I have not been busy. I did go get two new printer cartridges today.  Went to the library today to pick up two new books, one of which I ordered about 11:00 am today, and it was in by then.

I need to stop watching so much TV and read instead.

I missed watching TV in China so now I am overloading on it.

I am watching Ice Sculptures in Alaska now on Green TV. 

No rant today, but one may come tomorrow.


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