Thursday, March 8, 2012

H today

Carrefour, the grocery store in Kunming (and Shanghai) have flat escalators in order to take your shopping cart up and down three floors of the store.

This one goes up and the other side goes down.

I took a long walk this morning to take my cowboys boots to the shoe store to get new cleats on it.  I then walked to Starbucks at Safeway to get some coffee.  This afternoon, it is much warmer so I rode my bike to get my boots and go the library.

I decided to order the book How To Train Your Dog Like Pro from Amazon as it has a DVD with it.  I got it from the library but I want my own copy of it.

I am sleeping throughout the night now.  I do not drink coffee in the afternoon at all anymore.  I do however, get up around 5:30 each morning.

I am reading Micro now.  You can sure tell it a Michael Crichton book, as he lectures at time about the science of the projects in the book.

Tomorrow morning is fudge-making day again.  I need to get some more butter at the store tonight.


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