Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hump Day today...

If you want fresh fish, you cannot get it fresher than this, live fish in a grocery store in Kunming China.  The same thing happened in Shanghai also. 

Some tanks have so many fish in there that I would never buy one.

I went on a long walk yesterday, the day of Dad's birthday. He turned 90 yesterday.  Today (March 7) is my younger brother's birthday.  Four days ago, on March 3, was my youngest brother's birthday.  Two of my sons have birthdays near the end of this month.  My ex-wife has a birthday on March 11.  An ex-girlfriend has a birthday on March 12.  My late mother's birthday was March 19.  March is a big birthday month for me.

It snowed here yesterday morning, but by the early afternoon it had all melted.  I went on my walk around 2:00 pm and got back home at 3:30. 

I am going to Mass again since returning from China.  I got a 1962 Missal from Amazon.  This has the old prayers both in English and Latin in it.  This Missal is pre-Vatican II. 

Not to worry though, I still have many questions about the teaching of the Catholic Church.  I certainly do not believe in the virginity of Mary. This is just the Church's effort to force down women in the Church. 

I do not believe anything written in the New Testament.  The four gospels, written by people we do not know, are just good stories and have no basis in fact. 

I am still looking for an Irish Setter puppy or dog.  I found a puppy but the breeder wants $1,000 for the puppy.  She is in Oregon City.  Another breeder in Bend wants $650 for a hunting Irish Setter or a companion Irish Setter.  I saw a young girl walking three young Irish Setters across the river here a few days ago.  I will try to find her again in the next day or two.

I am reading a book in my Kindle Fire about getting a puppy and training the puppy.  I wonder it I can handle getting a puppy instead of a full-grown dog. 

I also have a book here from my local library, Train Your Dog Like a Pro, with a companion DVD. 

I must go easy reserving books from my local library. It is a regional library and gets books so fast. 

I have finished only two books since returning from China, both library books:  Rin Tin Tin: The Life and Legend and The House of Silk.  Both are great books. I am now reading Micro, the last book by the late Michael Crichton. 

It is very cold outside this morning.  28 degrees but the sun is shining. 

I picked up what I need to make fudge again. This time I will get the temperature to 354 degrees to see if the fudge sets up right this time.

I got a new Shakespeare book yesterday.  It is The Oxford Shakespeare: Complete Works. I really like to read Shakespeare plays.  I joined a Yahoo group that is on Shakespeare. Right now we finished Macbeth.  I copy each posting to Word and then, when the play is done, I put it on my Kindle 3.  Next is Julius Caesar

I have a new book on my Kindle 3 called Shakespeare After All, a good book of essays on the plays.

Now that I am back in Oregon, I do plan on going to Ashland later this year to see both Shakespeare plays and plays by modern authors.  It indeed will seem strange going there by myself.  In the past I always went with someone but this time I will go by myself.

I got some Morning Joe from Starbucks Coffee.  I like my coffee black and strong.  It is so very good. It is so much cheaper here than in China. Starbucks in China costs me about $4.00 a cup for a cup of black coffee.  A pound of coffee there cost me almost $14.00.  I have some decaf coffee here if I want to drink coffee in the afternoon.

I know, such a long post today.


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