Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekend is here...


The picture here is what you expect to see in Newport. I did not have my camera when the tide was at -3 feet. At that point there was no water under the bridge at all. Hard to imagine that, but I walked under the bridge arch that morning while clamming there.

I am more than half way through The King of Vodka. An excellent book, with a history of life under that last 3 Tsars and the coming Russian Revolution. I am at a point where the new Tsar comes to power after the death of his father. Nicholas II is quite young when he takes power, unaware of coming troubles. I recommend this book as an excellent biography of the founder of the world's biggest selling vodka.

I have over 25 books reserved at the Stayton Library. I sure hope they all do not come in at the same time. Unfortunately there are four books there for me already. I am not going there until early next week in order for me to get through King of Vodka and So Long As Men Can Breathe.

I try to read at least 100 pages a day, meaning I don't watch much TV at night.

I have not checked BookTV schedule yet for this weekend. I usually find one or two books there and I don't want to reserve any other books until I get some off my list there.

I have another book here, The Third Reich at War. This book is over 800 pages long. I may have to wait until winter to read this book.

I told you before we are part of a regional library here, covering the area Chemeketa Community College, all of Marion and Polk counties. I have three books from the Stayton library here and one from Salem library. Unlike the Eugene library I get books much faster here than in Eugene. I did read that Eugene wants to form a regional library. Did the bond issue pass there so Eugene can form a regional library system?

We watched Quantum of Solace on DVD last night (again from the Stayton library). It sure was a confusing movie, not nearly as good as the first one.

I miss China. Now that the new Harry Potter is out in theaters here for a week I could find it on DVD in China now. Street vendor copies are not good, as they cost about 4 rmb, which is 63 cents. I get better copies in brick and mortar stores, where they cost me 9 rmb, which is $1.42.

Hope you have a good weekend.


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