Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday evening

Hi again:

The picture here is what you often see at a parade: a young pretty lady on a horse.

Tonight we went to Portland to give a CD of our book (Your Home-Based Business Guide) to a person at the Mona-Vie meeting. We made a quick presentation that our book on CD should be used for new customers in their initial package of information for the poor suckers whom they get to sign up for this multi-level scheme.

I am the publisher of two books on the Kindle now, under the publishing name of Steven Schwindt Publishing. The two books on the Kindle page are Your Home-Based Business Guide and Showing Up for Life: Poems. The first book is by Nolan Geraths and the second book is by Ron Clibborn. If you have a Kindle, you can find each of them on the Kindle Amazon page.

The book of poems are very interesting. Go to this site to see the introduction I wrote for the book as its publisher:


Ron is getting me more customers for my publishing company to help each of them get a book on the Kindle page. The book profit on each sale is split between Amazon and the author. The ratio is 65% to Amazon and 35% to the author.

I need to find better avenues to advertise each book. The only advertising I have done for each book is on the Kindle Yahoo website, putting posting on that message board for Kindle users. It has about 4,000 members, but we have sold only 3 books of the poetry and one book of Your Home-Based Guide. (I was the one who bought the tax book to see what it looked like on the Kindle).

Hope your week is going well.


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