Monday, July 13, 2009

So cool again today


This is an earlier view of the evening sky on the 4th of July.

So cool again today. Hardly seems like summer. Only getting to 71 today (21.6 for those in China reading this) for our high temperature.

Did you experience the thunder storms yesterday? It boomed and rained very hard here for over a couple of hours.

We got our fax machine working here today, finally. Let me know if you ever want to fax something for me and I will give you are fax number here.

Today my blog at ends. No more entries there at all anymore. I made my last entry there a few weeks ago so nothing more shows up there.

I like this blog site better because I can see the picture I download to every posting here. At I never could see the picture I downloaded there; all I could see was the link to the picture but not the picture itself.

Today I am getting a call from a friend in Lebanon who wants to buy a Kindle 2. Over the phone I will lead him through the process. I don't even know if he is registered on Amazon yet. If not then he will have to do that before he applies for a Kindle. Because the Amazon Kindle link is so long I am instead using as the site to go there. He can link up to Amazon there to buy his Kindle there.

Hope your week goes well.


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