Monday, July 6, 2009

Only in Oregon...

Hi again:
The 4th of July in Stayton.
The picture on the left is an old growth tree on a log truck. A very big tree.
The picture on the right was my attempt to take pictures of the fireworks later that evening. I have about 20 pictures of the fireworks, most of which are much better than this one. But I like this one as the movement gave this picture special treatment.
Only in Oregon do we have three days of very hot weather followed by a day like today where it will get only to 72 degrees, (22.22 Celsius for my readers in China). The heat wave breaks down with coast winds that hit us. We do not see this in China as the winds are always off shore unless a typhoon was coming toward us there. So even though Shanghai is a coast city it never gets winds off the coast like we do here.
We are heading to Portland today for a meeting telling how to get grants from the U.S. government. I wonder how much good it will be as I know how to get grants with all of the numbers I got from government agencies to apply for grants. I will not bore you with all of the acronyms of the names where I get the numbers.
Hope you enjoyed your 4th.

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