Thursday, July 30, 2009

The heat wave continues...

First let me rant about something. I was in the midst of a long posting here and some how I hit a wrong key cancelling my post. I could not revive it even though there is a "save now" feature on this page. I absolutely hate this. I do not know what key I hit by mistake but this is not the first time I did this.
Now to recall what I wrote earlier.
I am reading As They See 'Em: A Fan's Travels in the Land of Umpires. The author is Bruce Weber. He attends one of the two umpire schools in Florida. It is a very interesting book. Like I said before, I do not watch NFL football; I have not watched an NFL game in more than 20 years. Same goes for NBA games. I find more interesting things to do than to watch football or basketball on TV.
I do watch, however, baseball. I do not watch every baseball game on TV. I rarely watch the Cubs as the announcers for WGN are nothing but cheerleaders.
My favorite team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. I watched an HBO Sports special on the Boys of Flatbush, sad history of the Dodgers in Brooklyn. I found out the origin of the name of Dodgers. Taken from "trolley car dodgers" the phrase given to early 20th century people in Brooklyn.
The pictures here are from Santiam Summerfest last Saturday. The top picture is an old car, from 1923, with a body made of wood. There were over 200 old cars at this year's show. Last year people told me there were only about 25 cars there.
The second picture is a booth at Summerfest. I took it to show the variety of colors available for dog collars.
My knowledge of other Kindles is about to double. Right now I know of my Kindle and my dad's Kindle. A friend in Salem recently bought a Kindle on my recommendation. He is the one that had Steven Schwindt Publishing put his book of poems on the Kindle page.
I gave a demonstration of my Kindle yesterday at the Used Book store of Stayton library. One of my close friends plans to buy her husband a Kindle for his birthday.
So this makes four Kindles I know of now.
If anyone else who reads this blog has a Kindle then please write me at
106 here yesterday. Is this another sign of global warning? We never have a heat wave this long. Usually a high pressure system breaks down after three days and we get ocean breezes to drop the temperature 30 degrees. Now we are in the fifth day of 100+ degree weather.
There are things I wrote in the earlier post that was lost in cyberspace that do not show up here. I am more careful how I type now. (The one skill I learned in high school that is still with me is fast typing. I can still probably type 60 words a minute with QWERTY typing.)
Stay cool.

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