Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hot, Hot and HOT

The two pictures here are of the Star Theater here in Stayton. This theater has been here for as long as I can remember. Every Friday, when I was in late grade school, we went to the movie there no matter what was playing.
Right now, the latest Harry Potter movie is showing there. I may go see it tonight or tomorrow.
At 10:00 this morning I am riding my bike to the local used bookstore here to demonstrate my Kindle to some of the employees here. I have 19 pages of material on my Kindle now, consisting of mostly books, one magazine, one blog and about 15 documents I transferred over to my Kindle for reading there. I told you in an earlier post how I transfer Word and PDF documents to my Kindle. I would much rather read them on the Kindle than on the computer screen.
For my friends in Oregon, how are you staying cool during this heat wave we have now. I notice it is 72 degrees on the coast and only 104 here. It is suppose to get down to 85 by next Tuesday and Wednesday. In the past a few hot days gave way to ocean breezes, dropping the temperature 25 to 30 degrees and even lower.
But like I said earlier, we should not complain about this hot weather. Just think what it is like here September to April: showers, mist, rain...our seven months of cooler and wetter weather.
Stay cool.

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