Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot enough????


The picture here is one of the vendors at Santiam Summerfest today in downtown Stayton. This is a church group that sells nuts, obviously.

It is hot today, to get to triple digits today, tomorrow and Monday and continue hot to early next week.

We went to a breakfast at Pioneer Park here in Stayton. For $5.00 to get to eat pancakes, ham and eggs---as much as you can eat.

I took some pictures of Santiam Summerfest and at the park of the old cars there. Over the next few days I will post pictures from Summerfest.

I met a friend downtown today; she is with the used book store. Next Wednesday morning I am showing her and her husband my Kindle. She wants her husband to get one, so they will see my Kindle 1.

I have 16 pages of books on my Kindle now. What we need so desperately for the Kindle are folders in which to place books. Many of us have been waiting for Amazon to come up with a software fix that lets you create folders. More than half of the books on my Kindle were free from Amazon. Amazon Kindle has over 7,000 free books; most are older books with the copyright at an end.

I ended my subscription for The New Yorker as I was behind at least 12 issues. It comes out every week so I was falling behind on my Kindle as I was falling behind when I had a paper subscription to this magazine.

Now I discovered I can go to and copy an article I want to read over to Word, save it and then send it by email to I get an immediate email back within seconds with the article in the format my Kindle can read. I attach my Kindle to my computer and download the file to it that way. This is a free service of Amazon. If I send it to it comes back to by the whispernet service and shows up on my Kindle as soon as I turn it on with the whispernet also turned on. This used to be a free service also, but recently Amazon announced that each document costs 15 cents.

I am finishing Losing Moses on the Freeway: The 10 Commandments in America. This book is by Chris Hedges. Each chapter touches one of the commandments, starting with the first in which the author tells the story of his time in the Protestant seminary when he was stationed at an intercity church. His experiences there teach him to leave the seminary and forgo becoming a priest.

The chapter on murder (Thou Shall Not Kill) is about men who went to Vietnam and the troubles they had returning to America.

My next book is Leviathan by James Bron Huggins. I started this last night; it is a fast read with action taking place in the first chapter.

Hope you can stay cool over the next few days.


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