Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warm weekend is here...


This picture explains itself.

I have not posted here as much I wanted to. I have been very busy here getting projects done before I leave.

I am now reading Fire Season about a guy to chronicled seven months in a fire tower in New Mexico.  I am reading this book as this is the job I wanted when I was in high school.  There were no towers near here back then.  The author spent eight summers on that mountain, together with his dog, Alice.   It is a good book and I am enjoying reading it.

I am listening the NPR and now to podcasts as I write this. 

Going through the late Raymond Geraths poems, it affected me to such a degree as I want to start going back to Church. We shall see if I do this tomorrow morning. 

If you have a Kindle now, check out his poems Creation and Redemption.  Those are the first two of his epic poems.  We are now working on the third poem and we hope to have it on the Kindle page next week.

If you cannot find each of these in the Kindle store, let me know I will send you the link to each poem.

Enjoy your weekend.


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