Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warm day today

Hello again:

This picture shows the North Santiam River.  You see some people fishing for trout.

This river has runs of steelhead and salmon.  I caught my first steelhead in this river.  It weighed over 15 pounds, a heavy steelhead.

The waters and rivers in China are not like this river.  They are muddy and not clear at all.  Salem gets it water from a station from this river about 3 miles upstream where this picture was taken.

There is an island where Salem gets its water. 

I finished Fire Season. It is a good book as the author goes through the summer months, but digresses throughout the chapters to interesting topics.  I highly recommend this book.

I have delayed my trip to China by one week. Instead of leaving next week, I am leaving on June 22.  I need to delay my trip in order to get the long poem finished and put on the Kindle page.  I will get it done next week. 

I am making a cranberry pie. I used to make these pies around Thanksgiving when fresh cranberries are available.  But I found two packages of frozen cranberries in the freezer so I made one now.

Have a good week and great weekend that is coming.


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