Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday eve here now...


This picture shows pandas in China.  Pandas only eat bamboo, a very limited diet.  They must eat a lot to get any nutrients out of bamboo.

I have delayed my trip to China by two months in order to get some medical procedures done here.  Easier to get here than in China with the language problems.

I edited the three parts of the long poem this morning.  We will finish it early this week.  I can get in on the Kindle page in the middle of next week.  I will give you the links to all three poems on the Kindle page.  With 24 million Kindles out there now, I assume some readers have Kindles who read this blog.

I got up at 2:00 am this morning, but went back to bed by 4:00 am and slept until 7:00 am.  Yet another bifurcated night.  I hate it when I don't sleep all the way through the night. 

Still reading, quite slowly as it seems, The Last Dickens.  It is good book, but written in 19 century English.  Not exactly a page turning type of of book.

I made chicken fried steak tonight. My first effort at it.  I was suppose to use cube steak, but could not find any at Safeway. So I used sirloin tips.  Dip in flour, then in egg mixture, then in bread crumbs.  Cook for 4 minutes on each side.  I also cooked two ears of sweet corn. 

Tomorrow I am driving my father to my brother Randy's home in Wilsonville.  My dad lost his driver's license when the VA doctor told him that.  My dad drives to Church every morning, drives to the library to read the newspapers and drives for medical appointments.  He is 89 now, but drives well enough to keep his license.  If the DMV is taking away driver's licenses due only to age then they have a big problem.  My dad told me he is appealing the decision to take away his license. 

Rain again today. We can tell when it is summer in Oregon...the rain is warm.  Exactly what happened today. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads who read this blog.


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