Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday now...


This is one of the nicest houses in Stayton.  It sits on the other side of the Power Canal.  You get to the garage by crossing over the creek on a bridge.

I am now reading Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter.  Sherlock in in the 21st century.  Apparently in 1914 he got caught in a avalanche and froze.  Some years later he is found and thawed out.  He is now alive in the new century.  His companion is not Dr. Watson, but this time it is James Wilson. (not the companion of Dr. House on that TV show...)

Sherlock with cell phone and browsing the Internet.  Suspension of belief is a big part of this novel.

I have another Sherlock book here I will read next. Then on to Shanghai Girls.  I will enjoy reading both of these books.

I found my saddle shoes here.  I got these shoes in high school and I am wearing them now.

Tomorrow I will go The Dalles with my dad to look at a VA Home there.  On Wednesday I drive him to Portland to the VA hospital there. 

Hope your weekend is going well.


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