Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In The Dalles...


I am in The Dalles right now. I drove my dad to the Oregon Veterans Home in The Dalles. He plans to move in the home in two weeks.  Because he is 100% disabled veteran he stays there for free.  The home has 151 beds and is quite new.

This picture is from the teachers' questions. 

Hadrian's Wall may be built around Hadrian's garden but it was built in England many, many centuries ago.

Reading on my Kindle while here. 

Hotter here than we have seen in Stayton.  I see it is raining in Stayton but hot and dry here. 

The Dalles Dam has three overflow opening sending water downstream and creating a series of rapids.  I wonder it they do this for fish movement or too much water behind the dam?

We return to Stayton later today. 

Tomorrow I take my dad to the VA hospital in Portland. 

He needs to get ready to move to the Oregon Veterans Home in two weeks. 


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