Saturday, March 12, 2011

The weekend is here...


The weekend has arrived. A very wet weekend, with an hour short as daylight time starts Sunday morning.

Taking it easy today, listening to the Kindle Chronicles. In this issue of the podcast, a pastor back east has a Kindle family reading group.

There are only two people on my Amazon Kindle account are my dad and me. He never turns on the whispernet and relies on me to update his books. He has a Kindle 1 and I have a Kindle 3. I gave Nolan a Kindle for Christmas and he has not read one book on his Kindle yet. He takes it with him to show his clients what a Kindle looks like. I registered his Kindle in my name so he could get some of my books on his Kindle. Now his Kindle is unregistered.

I will do my client's tax exempt status on Monday. It will not take long to do this, as I finished most of it two weeks ago. I need to add just two things to the application. Next week he will stop by to make a check to the IRS for $400 as the fee for filing this form.

Hope your weekend goes well.


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