Friday, March 18, 2011

The weekend has arrived...


I drove to a garage sale today but found nothing there worth buying.

I am cracking two cups of filberts. I will call my Dad to give him the rest of the big bag of un-cracked filberts. I had to put a glove on my right hand so it would not get so sore. I don't know yet what I will do with the cracked filberts. I may roast them and then cover them with chocolate.

My phone is now charging. I am so glad it getting charged now.

Tonight I will read my book. Nothing on TV. I don't watch football nor do I watch basketball on TV at all anymore. So the NCAA tournament holds no interest to me.

I am still eating my chicken soup I made last Monday. It is so good for dinner. I love left-overs.
I think I will get two more dinners out of my soup. Not just chicken, but with water chestnuts, a carrot, noodles, snow peas, mushrooms and chicken broth. So tasty...

Hope your weekend goes well...


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