Tuesday, March 29, 2011

U morning...

Hi again: Still raining outside. My effort to hang clothes outside failed once again. It was not raining yesterday but started raining during the night. I had to take my clothes off the line and put them into the dryer. It is suppose to warm up tomorrow. Should be 60 degrees but we shall see. I don't watch local TV news so I am not up on the weather forecast. Local TV news is a joke as far as I am concerned. Stories too short and too many commercials. I am about half way through The Futures, a history of the Chicago Board of Trade and how it came to be. As I mentioned Thursday night starts the used book sale for the library. They must have over 10,000 books there. Hard bound books sell for $1.50 on Thursday night, go down to $1.00 for Friday then $5.00 per bag of books on Saturday. But I have so many used books here I am looking for just a few on a list I have. I do hope your week is going well. Steve

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