Friday, March 25, 2011

F here already


So sorry for not posting much this week. So busy with a variety of things. But now I am back.

I finished All the Devils are Here. This is a good book on the financial meltdown, looking at each part, ranging from Frannie and Freddie, Goldman/Sachs, the subprime lenders, Merrill Lynch, a whole variety of criminals who did all of this. This book gives you the best overview of what happened.

I mailed my Parker 51 fountain pen to get repaired. It is leaking ink inside of it. My mother gave this pen to some years ago. She got in 1947 when she was in high school. The pen has her maiden name on it, Dorothy Branch. This 64 year old pen has been with me for so many years. I find it much easier to write with a fountain pen than with a ball point pen.

The library does not open until noon today, so I will go there this afternoon. I have three books waiting there for me. Plus the book I just finished is due today.

Are we in for a wet weekend here??


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