Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warmer today this W

Hi again:

It is finally warming up outside. Today, for the first time in long time, I am in short sleeves in my room.

I picked up three more books from my library. One is biography of cancer and another is the history of the Atlantic, and the final one is The Devil and Sherlock Holmes. All three books are good ones I am will start reading one of them once I finish the Pluto book I am currently working one; I expect to to finish it tonight.

I am recording the Ducks game next Monday. I don't want to watch all of the commercials during the many breaks of this game. I do expect my Ducks to win this game.

I expect to gas at nearly $5.00 per gallon in the near future during this 2011. This will lead more and more to electric cars. We do plan on building an electric car plant as soon as I get grant for this. I am working on two different grants now. I will have them finished in the next three weeks.

Our electric cars will get at least 200 miles between re-charging the car. The Nissan Leaf gets only about 100 miles between re-charging. We will put more batteries into our cars to give you better mileage between charges.

We plan on getting you an electric car in one of two ways: one, will convert one of your cars to all electric, costing you between $7,000 and $9,000. You get big tax credit from the feds of $7,500 credit so the cost is lessened in that way.

The second way we can get you in to an electric car is having you buy one from us. We plan on visiting the auto auction to buy some cars there with bad engines. We will transform the car to all-electric and sell you a car that is already powered by batteries only. The same tax credit is available here too.

We have our business plan all set up as well as a five year budget. I will use these documents when applying for these two grants.

Hope you are enjoying this warmer, but wetter weather.


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