Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Close, but not close enough...


I did not watch the game last night. Instead I recorded it on my DVR but followed it on the Internet. But once I found out the final score I deleted it from my DVR together with Game Day, which I also recorded.

I never like to watch my Ducks on close games. That is why this season was so great, as in most games the wins were big.

Next year the Ducks will be back to win this time.

I bought some oranges at Safeway yesterday and today I made some home-made orange juice. I like to have pulp in my OJ so I can chew it. It is so good. Also a great source of vitamin C.

I am still reading The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. Right now the book talks about preventing cancer. Cigarettes are main cause of lung cancer, but in the 1960's and early 1970's the cigarette companies fought any limit on them. But it brought the end of advertising on TV and radio of cigarettes.

Three years ago 350 million Chinese smoked. Now that is down to 310 million people. I assume it is the deaths of Chinese men from smoking too much. But even at 310 million smokers in China that is still higher than the entire population of the U.S., now at 308 million people.

China is considering having non-smoking areas in restaurants in China. I remember when this was how it was in Oregon some years ago. You could smell the second-hand smoke as you ate. That is not a very good policy. What China needs is what Oregon and California have: no smoking in any, and I mean ANY, public buildings. Keep the smokers at least 10 feet away from any door of the building.

China no longer has cradle-to-grave care. With no health insurance there, it is looking to the U.S. as an example it wants to follow. What a big mistake if China follows the U.S. Private insurance companies with no public option.

I am in favor of a public option, where one can get health insurance from the Federal Government-sponsored program. You think the U.S has no right to do this???? What about Medicare and the VA program? Like one of the most stupid tea baggers said this summer: "keep the government out of my Medicare."

I blame Glenn the Stupid, Bill the Jerk and Sarah the Ignorant for what happened in Arizona. No one can tell me otherwise.


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