Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday morning now...


It is Sunday morning, but no church for me anymore. I don't believe much what the Catholic Church teaches these days.

It is raining here, and cold outside again.

It is so sad what happened in Arizona. Too many gun nuts out there. The radical voices of the far right bear some of the responsibility for this shooting. Glenn the nut and Bill the stupid are responsible for this shooting.

I made brownies yesterday, but I added some of my applesauce instead of water. It makes the the brownies much softer and moister. I can taste the applesauce in the brownies.

I am off soon to Safeway to the get The Sunday Oregonian and some cat food.

I am about half way through The Emperor of All Maladies about cancer. Seems like all we do in the war is either burn the patient or poison the person. Early efforts at burning the patient was too much x-rays, almost killing the person. Poisoning the cancer patient was overboard too, very early. VAMP was the early drug portion, getting rid of the cancer but bringing the child back after a few months to reveal cancer in the brain, where the drugs do not reach.

This is an excellent book. I spent last night reading it, to past midnight.


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