Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday evening here...


No rain today, the first time of no rain in about three weeks. Flooding is happening in surrounding counties, especially Tillamook County. Johnson Creek in Portland is also flooding over. I have not checked the North Santiam River yet, but may check it tomorrow.

Too many good books here to know what to read next. I did not finish The Atlantic when I had a few weeks ago, so it may be my next book.

My TV is set for channel 803, 60's Revolution. Great songs from the 1960's. Petula Clark and now Simon and Garfunkel with The Boxer.

I thought I was getting a cold earlier today with about 10 sneezes in a row, a sure sign from me that a cold is coming on. So I took a 24 hour cold pill that kills my appetite. It also dries out my mouth so I must drink a lot of water during the afternoon (no coffee for me in the afternoon if I want to get a good night's sleep).

I read The Raven on my Kindle yesterday. That is such a great poem. The version on my Kindle has four different critiques of the poem before getting to the poem late in the book.

I will try reading with songs in the background, something I did all of the time in high school and college but not recently. I usually need silence when I am reading or my mind wanders off the page to listen to the music. I wonder how we did it so well in our much younger years????

I heard on NPR yesterday a story on AI on a computer leaning to interpret a poem to read it with feelings. My Kindle 3 voice, both male and female, are computer-generated and mispronounce quite a few words when I have my Kindle read it to me.

Hope you week goes well.


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