Wednesday, April 6, 2011

W eve now...


I made chili again today.  Had  a bowl for lunch and another bowl for dinner, both small bowls though.  It is a good chili recipe I got online. 

I am now reading a Carl Hiassen book, The Downhill Lie.  It is a funny book about him getting back into golf after laying off of it for over 40 years.  Reminds me of my golfing days so many years ago.  Once I finish this book tomorrow, I will read a new book by Douglas Preston and Lee Childs called Gideon's Sword, a new novel with new characters. I read one review of it in a newspaper online and the review did not like the new book. Instead the reviewer liked the characters from prior books. We shall see how I like this one...

I read my Kindle as the food cooks. I sit in the living room so I can hear when the buzzer goes off for the stove or oven.  Good time to read newspaper articles I saved to my Kindle then. 

Parker Pen sent back my Parker 51 pen un-repaired.  It is leaking inside and I could not get the blind cap off to add more ink to the pen.  So I tried using a pliers on it, covering it first with a wash cloth.  No matter, I proceed to break part of the cap off. I love this pen. It belonged to my late mother. She got while in high school  in 1947.  It even has her name on the side of the pen, Dorothy Branch, her maiden name. 

Parker Pen sent me a list of companies that repair old pens.  I wrote to one and got referred to another company.  I got a long email back from the second company.  But I could not get a price to fix it.  I sent along a picture of the pen, the same picture I will attach to a post here. 

Hope your week is going well.


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