Tuesday, April 26, 2011

U today...


This picture is a pear tree in full bloom this early spring.

The pear tree is across the street from our house in Stayton.

I am ready to go to China now.  I have my visa and almost everything is packed.  I am having trouble packing any books. I have about 12 books I want to take with me but I have no room for them.  I am taking both of my Kindles with me and that should be enough reading for years and years. 

I am reading a book called Bottom of the 33rd, a book on a 1981 baseball game that lasted 33 innings, the longest baseball game ever. The game was on the Saturday before Easter and ended in early hours of Easter.  It was called after 32 innings with the game to start again two months later.  By the end of 32 innings only two local citizens were in audience, even though there were over 6,000 at the start of the game.

I want this rain to end soon. I am getting tired of all this rain this winter and spring. 


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