Monday, April 11, 2011

Late M afternoon here...

Hi again:

A rain drop on a leaf.  Nice picture.

It is just past 4:30 pm here now.  I am listening to All Things Considered on my computer. 

I am cleaning my oven now.  It was smoking earlier today when I tried to heat some food up in the oven.  Time to clean it out.  It has another two hours to go before it is done.  This time I will vacuum it out once it cools.

Good thing I mowed the lawn two days ago as it rained for the past two days. 

I tried hanging some towels on my line outside yesterday but the rain drove the clothes inside. 

My rhubarb and peas are growing.  I did fertilize them three days ago, they are getting bigger.

Hope you week is going well.


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