Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is is easter bunny day...


It is the day for the bunny.  He ignored my place this morning but may be back tomorrow morning.  I am sure he hit your house if you have young children.

As I told you before I believe in the easter bunny as much as I believe in what did not happen over 2,000 years ago.  No resurrection and nothing happened after he was buried.  You believe in what is in the gospels?  If I asked you to tell me everything about Prohibition and not leave anything out, how much could you tell me?  That was the task of the gospel writers, trying to remember what happened 60 to 100 years before.  Plus that was a time when there no libraries and most people could not read or write back then.  Plus no Internet.  This is why I believe there was no resurrection and we know nothing of what happened after the burial.  I sure miss the easter bunny today....

I finished a book on my Kindle DX today.  I am on to a second book. I am reading Tess Geritsen books on it.

The last of the painted trucks.  This one looks like a bookstore. 

Have a good time with your family.


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